Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dewazakura Tobiroku Sake

A Sparkling Sake

Dewazakura Tobiroku "Festival of Stars" sparkling sake served cold has a refreshing sweet and fruity nose with. Its appearance is a slightly cloudy after a gentle rotation.
The first sip is immediately felt with a champagne-like or craft-beer-like sensation. The flavor has a slight citrus accent which is quite complex and with more an alcohol cover than a typical bottle of champagne. Following sips continued to punctuate the fruity and tangy sensation. The after-taste was as mellow as the drink was. It was a lovely and fun beverage, but it almost made be forget I was drinking sake.

Paid $11 for 300ml

Appearance: 3/6
Smell: 4/6
Taste: 4/6
Texture: 4/6
Value: 4/6
Conclusion: Light and fun drink, but it strays far from what sake is expected to be.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tozai "Snow Maiden"

A Junmai Nigori by Kizakura Brewery

Tozai, "Snow Maiden" sake served cold has a very vodka-like alcoholic scent. Its appearance is milky white with a thin film floating starches.
The first sip was dry, think and powdery. That might sound strange, but there was a definite powdery texture which may be why it seemed dry in a good way. It felt clean an consistent throughout and the alcohol seemed less pronounce the further down the bottle. By the second cup it was really growing on me. It seemed like a great accompaniment to red meat.

There was nothing mysterious or complex about this sake. It is nigori as it should be.

Paid $10 for 300ml

Appearance: 4/6
Smell: 2/6
Taste: 4/6
Texture: 4/6
Value: 4/6
Conclusion: Good standby especially with meat.

Hoyo "Fair Maiden" Kura No Hana

A Junmai Daiginjo by Uchigasaki Brewing Company

Hoyo, "Fair Maiden", Kura No Hana sake served cold has a very sweet and complex floral scent. It brought to mind passion fruit and mango; however, I doubt there is any in it. Its appearance is clear as spring water.
The first sip was smooth and clean with sweet floral accents. The alcohol was present in the initial taste but did not overwhelm this delightful beverage. The after-flavor was fairly robust reminding the pallet that it is an alcoholic beverage.

Paid $28 for 500ml

Appearance: 5/6
Smell: 5/6
Taste: 5/6
Texture: 5/6
Value: 5/6
Conclusion: Nice drink to have on a spring sunset.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mura Mura Mountain Sake

A Nigori brewed by SakeOne Corporation

Mura Mura Mountain sake served cold has a refreshing cool nose with coconut accents punctuated by a robust alcohol smell. Its appearance is a white and cloudy after shaken.
The first sip is immediately creamy in texture as one would expect from a nigori. However, the alcohol rapidly approaches the tongue overwhelming the original sweet flavor. The immediate aftertaste is rather toxic. There is a slightly more subtle flavor of coconut which becomes more pronounced on followup tastes. The after-flavor almost burns in the throat.

Paid $14 for 750ml

Appearance: 4/6
Smell: 3/6
Taste: 3/6
Texture: 4/6
Value: 3/6
Conclusion: Drinkable