Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mura Mura Mountain Sake

A Nigori brewed by SakeOne Corporation

Mura Mura Mountain sake served cold has a refreshing cool nose with coconut accents punctuated by a robust alcohol smell. Its appearance is a white and cloudy after shaken.
The first sip is immediately creamy in texture as one would expect from a nigori. However, the alcohol rapidly approaches the tongue overwhelming the original sweet flavor. The immediate aftertaste is rather toxic. There is a slightly more subtle flavor of coconut which becomes more pronounced on followup tastes. The after-flavor almost burns in the throat.

Paid $14 for 750ml

Appearance: 4/6
Smell: 3/6
Taste: 3/6
Texture: 4/6
Value: 3/6
Conclusion: Drinkable

1 comment:

  1. I may have to redo this review down the road. It is possible I drank a bad bottle. I had this for two nights and on each night I woke up with a sever case of heart burn. I don't know for sure that the sake was it, but it is was was common both nights.