Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rihaku "Wondering Poet"

A Junmai Ginjo Sake by Rihaku Shuzo

Rihaku "Wondering Poet" sake served cold has floral and fruity scent. Its appearance is clean and clear.
The first sip was unexpectedly silky and the taste was dry, fruity, savory on a slight alcoholic base. The after taste is very mellow.

This sake was quite enjoyable sharing the characteristics of some favorites. This is a very good sake. If anything, the bottle was too small.

Paid $16.99 for 300ml

Appearance: 5/6
Smell: 5/6
Taste: 4/6
Texture: 5/6
Value: 5/6
Very good sake.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ozeki Nigori Sake

A Nigori Sake by Ozeki (USA)

Ozeki nigori sake served cold has alcoholic scent not far from rubbing alcohol. Its appearance is milky-white with a light film on the top.
The first sip was very thick and milky on the tongue. The taste was very sweet and savory on a punctual alcoholic base. In each following sip the alcoholic taste all but disappears leaving a very pleasant and almost nutty drink. There was little aftertaste.

This sake is not considered a premium sake and is probably heavily cut with brewers alcohol. However, I will admit to drinking more than a few cases of this sake. Its price is very tempting and its taste is pleasant from start to finish. I have had some cheap sake I would not serve to my enemy and this is not that sake. Dollar for dollar, this sake could be one of the best values out there. Please drink responsibly; this stuff will provide a heavy hangover if not properly consumed.

Paid $4.99 for 375ml

Appearance: 4/6
Smell: 2/6
Taste: 3/6
Texture: 3/6
Value: 5/6
Conclusion: A beautiful treat that is easy on the wallet.

Monday, May 4, 2009


A Nigori Junmai

Daku nigori junmai sake served cold has a rice accented by a slight alcoholic scent. Its appearance is milky lemon-white. It's color is that of natural sake.
The first sip was thick and silky coating the tongue. The taste was of a savory rice on a very slight alcoholic canvas. There was little aftertaste except perhaps a tangy flavor to leave you wanting the next cup. I had high hopes for this nigori since it is a junmai, meaning there is no additional brewer's alcohol diluting it. However, to be honest, the gains were mild at best. Daku is a good nigori with an exceptionally silky composition and subtle flavors.

Paid $20.99 for 500ml

Appearance: 4/6
Smell: 3/6
Taste: 3/6
Texture: 4/6
Value: 4/6
Conclusion: Great with spicy food.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


A Sparkling Sake by Gekkeikan

Zipang sparkling sake served ice cold has a sweet nose much like one might receive from a zinfandel. Its appearance is a clear with a vigorous bubbles. The bubbles can be heard with little effort giving this sake an extra dimension to sensation.
The first sip is immediately felt with a champagne sensation as the tongue is entwined with bubbles. The flavor has a sweet citrus meets sake feel. It has no more scent of alcohol than that of a wine cooler although it does have nearly 9%. The aftertaste was pleasant and dry.

Paid $7.95 for 250ml

Appearance: 4/6
Smell: 4/6
Taste: 4/6
Texture: 4/6
Value: 4/6
Conclusion: Light and refreshing sake champagne. One bottle won't be enough.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Akitabare Suirakuten "Heaven of Tipsy Delight" Daiginjo

A Daiginjo Sake

Akitabare Suirakuten "Heaven of Tipsy Delight" Daiginjo sake served cold has an incredibly refreshing and complex nose with hints of fruit and floral essence. Its appearance is a clean and absolutely clear.
The first sip and all that followed were silky smooth. Frankly, it could not be more pleasant to the tongue as if it was meant to be there. The flavor was equally complex with slight fruity accents. The after taste had a slight and subtle achohol kick as one might expect from a sake of this caliber. Up until now, i have never expereinced a finer sake than this. The whole time I could not resist the smell of this sake and pondered what form of craft constructed this beautiful drink.

Paid $60 for 720ml

Appearance: 5/6
Smell: 6/6
Taste: 5/6
Texture: 6/6
Value: 5/6
Conclusion: Simply awesome!