Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ozeki Nigori Sake

A Nigori Sake by Ozeki (USA)

Ozeki nigori sake served cold has alcoholic scent not far from rubbing alcohol. Its appearance is milky-white with a light film on the top.
The first sip was very thick and milky on the tongue. The taste was very sweet and savory on a punctual alcoholic base. In each following sip the alcoholic taste all but disappears leaving a very pleasant and almost nutty drink. There was little aftertaste.

This sake is not considered a premium sake and is probably heavily cut with brewers alcohol. However, I will admit to drinking more than a few cases of this sake. Its price is very tempting and its taste is pleasant from start to finish. I have had some cheap sake I would not serve to my enemy and this is not that sake. Dollar for dollar, this sake could be one of the best values out there. Please drink responsibly; this stuff will provide a heavy hangover if not properly consumed.

Paid $4.99 for 375ml

Appearance: 4/6
Smell: 2/6
Taste: 3/6
Texture: 3/6
Value: 5/6
Conclusion: A beautiful treat that is easy on the wallet.

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